Best Hunting Boots

If you are a hunting enthusiast, owning a pair of best hunting boots is a necessity. Apart from your rifle, the right footwear is the sole gear that can improve your experience and increase your comfort while hunting. You will feel more comfortable and confident, regardless of the weather, terrain and time you spend in the outdoors hunting.

Wearing the wrong hunting boots to hunt could ruin your hunting experience. You could experience both pain and discomfort. This could limit you to terrains you can hunt and how long you can hunt for. Getting the right hunting boots is vital in order to get the most out of your hunting activity.

Furthermore, the outdoors will forever remain a foreign terrain. The weather conditions in our environments will vary from time to time. Therefore, having the right type of boots will help you adjust to these factors.

However, there are several factors to be considered before purchasing the best hunting boots. These considerations should be taken seriously if you want to get the most comfortable and durable pair!

Top 10 Best Hunting Boots in 2018

  • best hunting boots irish-setter-vaprtrek-2870
  • Irish setter vaprtrek 2870
  • Editor Rating
  • Features : Waterproof, RPM technology, Lightweight
  • Materials : Synthetic
  • Color : Realtree Xtra Camouflage
  • Sole : Rubber sole
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  • best hunting boots - irish setter 808
  • Irish setter wingshooter 808
  • Editor Rating
  • Features : Waterproof, Durable Construction, Prairie sole
  • Materials : Leather
  • Color : Dark Brown
  • Sole : Rubber sole
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  • best hunting boots-irish setter elk tracker 860
  • Irish setter elk tracker 860
  • Editor Rating
  • Features : Waterproof, ScentBan technology, Insulated
  • Materials : Leather
  • Color : Brown
  • Sole : Synthetic sole
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  • best hunting boots- under armour valsetz tactical boot
  • Under armour valsetz tactical boot
  • Editor Rating
  • Features : Full-length Micro G® foam, UA ClutchFit™ technology, Lightweight
  • Materials : Synthetic
  • Color : Black, Coyote Brown, Desert Sand, Ridge Reaper® Barren
  • Sole : Rubber sole
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  • best hunting boots-lacrosse rubber hunting-boots
  • Lacrosse rubber hunting boots
  • Editor Rating
  • Features : waterproof, scent-free protection, Lightweight
  • Materials : Rubber
  • Color : OD Green
  • Sole : Rubber sole
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1. Irish setter vaprtrek 2870

best hunting boots irish-setter-vaprtrek-2870One of the best hunting boots that you can try is the Irish Setter Men’s 2870. The Vaptrek features the RPM technology. This is an advanced material construction for the sole that drastically reduces the weight of these boots. Therefore, you can say that this footwear is one of the best lightweight hunting boots! Specifically, it is 40% lighter compared to its other competitors.

Aside from being lightweight, the Vaptrek is highly versatile. Its maneuverability allows this footwear to increase its traction and balance, which makes it an ideal choice for different hunting conditions. Apparently, the Irish Setter 2870 VaprTrek combines the power of a hunting boot and the flexibility of an athletic footwear. Wearing this can guarantee you a satisfactory hunting experience!

The Irish Setter 2870 VaprTrek hunting boots also use the patented ScentBan technology. This design is integrated into the several parts of this footwear such as linings, leathers, and footbeds. Specifically, its function is to prevent the penetration of bacteria that cause unwanted odors.

Added to this benefit is its Ultra Dry construction. We all know that the moisture of feet can cause the pungent smell of your feet. With this feature on your footwear, you can guarantee that your feet are always fresh and dry. The UltraDry construction is present on the linings of the 2870 VapTrek hunting boots. In this way, you can last longer in the hunt!

The Irish Setter 2870 is also an ideal pair of deer hunting boots. With its powerful and solid construction, hunting a gang of deer wouldn’t be a problem. Regardless of how harsh the terrain is, this footwear can make the cut!

2. Irish setter wingshooter 808

best hunting boots irish-setter-808-homeOne of the best Irish Setter Waterproof hunting boots is the Wingshooter 808. When you are hunting on marshlands, rivers, or puddles, this hunting boot can ensure that your feet are always dry! It uses a full grain leather that guarantees the integrity of your feet. Moreover, it also comes with a notched shaft and padded collar design for added protection.

Aside from that, wearing this footwear won’t be a problem, as it has a speed lacing technology. This feature enables you to fit this pair of hunting boots as snugly as possible. Among all the Irish Setter hunting boots, this one has the complete weatherproofing. Therefore, you won’t have to worry anymore about the elements that you will encounter in the field. This footwear can guarantee that you are all protected!

Moreover, you can trust that this is one of the best lightweight waterproof hunting boots. It uses a Prairie sole design, which efficiently reduces the weight of the entire system. Aside from that, the same system also provides quality cushion support to your feet. On the other hand, its outsole has a complex crevice depth, which ensures the superb traction of this footwear.

Same as the 2870 VaprTrek, the Wingshooter 808 hunting boot uses the Ultra Dry Construction. It is a sophisticated moisture management system that keeps all parts of the footwear dry. Moreover, it prevents moisture from forming in your feet! This efficiently reduces the release of bad odor! Therefore, you can expect that this pair of hunting boots can give you a long lasting performance!

3. Irish setter elk tracker 860

best hunting boots-irish-setter-elk-tracker-860If you are looking for the best elk hunting boots, then you should go for the Elk Tracker 860 of Irish Setter. We all know how elusive an elk is. We have to track them to jagged surfaces and rocky terrains. If you do not have a quality leather hunting boots, catching these beasts would be troublesome!

You can guarantee that the Elk Tracker 860 is a sturdy footwear. It uses a full grain leather construction that ensures its rigidity. It also comes with a synthetic sole to ensure your comfort wherever you are hunting! Of course, you love the fact that this footwear is 100% waterproof! Thanks to its Gore-Tex lining, even the tiniest drop of water can’t penetrate its layers!

The Elk Tracker 860 is one of the best Irish Setter insulated hunting boots. It has a 1000 gram 3M Thinsulate Ultra Insulation integrated on its layers. Regardless of how cold the terrain is, you can expect that this footwear will keep you warm all the time. Of course, this would lead to a better and longer hunt! Because of this feature, the Elk Tracker 860 became an ideal pair of winter hunting boots.

Aside from that, this footwear produces satisfactory traction. Thanks to its Bulls-Eye Air Bob Aggressive sole, you can confidently traverse even the most slippery terrain. This feature is necessary for elk hunting, as you may need to deal with icy or slimy rock formations!

You will also love that the Elk Tracker 860 also uses the ScentBan technology. With this, you can be sure that your feet won’t release any foul odor!

4. Under armour valsetz tactical boot

best-hunting-boots-under-armour-valsetz-tactical-boot-singleOne of the best Under Armour hunting boots is the Valsetz RTS Tactical Boots. You should choose this footwear if you are usually traversing lengthy miles in search for a hunt! This is because of its lightweight and comfortable construction. Moreover, it is one of the top brands of men’s hunting boots, because of its stylish and aggressive look!

This footwear uses the patented Clutch Fit technology of the UA. This feature lets the boot wrap your ankle using a lightweight second skin. With this, you can feel that your feet has optimal support and control.

You can also assure that the UA Valsetz RTS Tactical Boots has a solid construction. It is made from a synthetic leader that fends off scratches. Moreover, its textile upper has an abrasion resistant film! You can also see this protective layer around the perimeter of the foot.

We all know that hunting is a technical and physical sport. Most of the time, you have to do explosive takeoffs and sharp movements. Without a proper pair of hunting boots, this wouldn’t be possible. Luckily, the UA Valsetz RTS Tactical Boots has full-length Micro G foam that protects your feet from shock and pressure!

When it comes to supporting, this footwear is superb. It has a lightweight TPU shank that provides comfort in your mid-foot. Moreover, it gives the proper amount of rigidity that your feet need! Despite these features, the UA Valsetz RTS Tactical Boots has still a generous price. In fact, it’s one of the best hunting boots under $200!

5. Lacrosse rubber hunting boots

best hunting boots-lacrosse-rubber-hunting-boots-homeSome hunters want their hunting boots to have a knee-high design. It is not just about preference. Instead, you should know that this type of hunting boot offers more protection coverage than those ankle-type designs! In this category, you will need the LaCrosse Men’s Grange 18” Hunting Boots. You will be happy that even this footwear has a rubber construction, it is still lightweight.

The LaCrosse Men’s Grange Hunting Boots is one of the best rubber hunting boots! Its measurement goes beyond the standard men’s size 15″ hunting boots. Because of this, you can be assured that your feet are thoroughly protected from the elements. It is also durable. Some hunters even claimed that this footwear could prevent snake bites!

Since it has a rubber construction, you can expect that this footwear is water resistant. It is an ideal choice if you are looking for the best waterproof hunting boots for men. Aside from that, it also offers scent-free protection to keep your feet dry and fresh. Such feature is quite unique for a rubber hunting boot.

Specifically, it uses a ZXT rubber that is resistant to abrasion, ozone, and tear. Moreover, this footwear has added textile strength to ensure its optimum rigidity. There are also multiple layers of rubber found on the heel and toe to increase its durability and balance. Lacrosse hunting boots also come with an Ankle-Fit Lock for a guaranteed fit!

This LaCrosse Grange is a cheap rubber hunting boot. However, you can guarantee that its qualities are already top notch!

  • best hunting boots-muck-boot-mens-fieldblazer-rubber-hunting-boots
  • Muck boot men’s fieldblazer rubber hunting boots
  • Editor Rating
  • Features : Waterproof, Reinforced shank, Lightweight
  • Materials : Rubber and Fabric
  • Color : Mossy Oak Break-up Camo
  • Sole : Rubber sole
  • Check on amazon
  • best hunting boots-muck-boot-excursion-pro-mid
  • MuckBoots Men’s Excursion Pro Mid Boot
  • Editor Rating
  • Features : Waterproof, 4mm CR Flex-Foam, Lightweight
  • Materials : Rubber
  • Color : Realtree Xtra
  • Sole : Rubber sole
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  • best hunting boots-baffin-mens-hunter-waterproof-boot
  • Baffin Men’s Hunter Waterproof Boot
  • Editor Rating
  • Features : Waterproof, nylon collar, Lightweight
  • Materials : Rubber
  • Color : Forest/Black
  • Sole : Rubber sole
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  • best hunting boots-danner-pronghorn-snake-boots
  • Danner pronghorn snake boots
  • Editor Rating
  • Features : Snake-proof, Waterproof, Insulated
  • Materials : Leather
  • Color : Brown
  • Sole : Rubber sole
  • Check on amazon
  • best hunting boots-rocky-bearclaw-3d-boots
  • Rocky bearclaw 3d boots
  • Editor Rating
  • Features : waterproof, Insulated, lace-to-toe pattern
  • Materials : Leather
  • Color : Brown
  • Sole : Rubber sole
  • Check on amazon

6. Muck boot men’s fieldblazer rubber hunting boots

best-hunting-boots muck-boot-mens-fieldblazer-rubber-hunting-bootsOne of the best un-insulated boots is the Adult FieldBlazer of MuckBoots. We recommend this product because of its high performance on the field. Aside from that, its comfort and warmth make it one of the best cold weather hunting boots.

Specifically, the Adult FieldBlazer Hunting Boot has an excellent insulation. It got a 5mm of neoprene layers. Even if you are going on a winter excursion, this footwear will keep your feet warm! Despite that, wearing this pair of boots will not cause you discomfort. This is because of its highly breathable PK mesh lining. Therefore, you can say that this product is versatile. Whether it is warm or cold, this footwear will guarantee your comfort!

Of course, you will love that this pair of Muck hunting boots is 100 percent waterproof. Its upper construction has extended rubber coverage to ensure maximum protection. Moreover, it has an angled topline so that wearing it wouldn’t cause a nuisance.

We also consider this footwear to be one of the top hunting boots. This is due to its Camo: REALTREE XTRA technology. This feature enables this footgear to blend into your environment. Even the most sensitive animals won’t detect your presence because of this technology!

On the other hand, the traction of the Adult FieldBlazer is on the top of the line. Specifically, it uses an aggressive waffle light traction outsoles. This design amplifies the hold of this footwear to the ground. It also improves your overall stability and balance, which is ideal for hunting!

7. MuckBoots Men’s Excursion Pro Mid Boot

best hunting boots-muck-boot-excursion-pro-midThe Excursion Pro Mid hunting boots should be your choice if you are looking for a men’s size 15 hunting boots. It is one of the widest hunting boots on the market today. So if you have a fairly large foot, then you might consider picking this product.

Aside from that, you will also love its sturdy rubber construction. Unlike the FieldBlazer, the Excursion Pro has an ankle-type design. This footwear is specifically designed for hunts, where you need to traverse great distances.

Because of such purpose, you can expect that this footwear is comfortable. It comes with a 4mm CR flex foam and four-way stretch nylon on its layers. These features enable maximum comfort to anyone who wears it.

Despite its ankle-high design, the Excursion Pro can guarantee 100 percent protection to your feet. First, you should know that water can’t penetrate this pair of hunting boots. Aside from that, it comes with a XpressCool lining to keep your feet dry and fresh! Moreover, its antimicrobial feature prevents the entry moisture and odor-causing bacteria! Specifically, the comfort range of this footwear is below sub-freezing temperature!

Meanwhile, it has a sock liner that uses the ETC technology, which is efficient in reducing internal friction. The same feature also reduces the buildup of heat inside! You will also love the lightweight EVA midsole and outsole of this footwear! This type of construction enhances the flexibility and support this product gives you. It also improves your ground traction, especially to slippery terrains!

With all of these benefits, it is easy to say that the Excursion Pro Mid is one of the high-quality hunting boots!

8. Baffin Men’s Hunter Waterproof Boot

best hunting boots-baffin-mens-hunter-waterproof-bootIf you are looking for cheap hunting boots, then you should consider the Baffin’s Hunter! This is one of the best hunting boots under $100 that you can find on the market today. Of course, this wouldn’t be possible if its features are on the least side of the spectrum.

This pair of hunting boots is using a full rubber construction. This type of design enables it to be rigid and flexible at the same time. Moreover, this knee-high footwear has an absolute protection against water and moisture formation. These features ensure the comfort of your feet, even on extended hunts!

It can also provide optimal ground traction due to its sophisticated lug design. Also, its crevices on its outsoles have a deep cut. Therefore, you can be assured that you can wear this footwear on slippery slopes or icy terrains! Its outsoles are self-cleaning too!

The Baffin’s Hunter is also ideal for winter hunts. Specifically, its internal system can provide a comfort range of -40 degrees Fahrenheit. Even among the top tier hunting boots, this feature is very rare! Aside, it also has snow cuff that further improves the insulation of this footwear.
We know that most rubber hunting boots are heavy. However, that is not true with the Baffin’s Hunter. With only a weight of fewer than two pounds, wearing this footwear would not give you any discomfort.

Aside from that, this pair of Baffin Hunting Boots is one of the best extra wide hunting boots for men. Specifically, it has an opening of 17.25 inches, which is ideal for people with large feet!

9. Danner pronghorn snake boots

best hunting boots-danner-pronghorn-snake-bootsHunting can expose you to elements. Of course, the outdoors is not your home, so that’s already a given. Creatures like snakes dwell there. Encountering them is a potential danger to your part. Therefore, you will need the service of Pronghorn Snake Side-Zip Hunting Boot of Danner. Arguably, this is the best snakeproof hunting boots on the market today.

The Danner hunting boot has a 360-degree snake proof protection. Even those snakes that have sharp fangs (e.g. cobra and rattlesnakes) can’t make the cut! Aside from that, it also uses the TERRA FORCE technology which improves its overall construction. In short, this hunting boot is more lightweight and streamlined compared to its predecessors.

Arguably, this is one of the best side zip hunting boots on the market today. This design lets you wear this footwear, regardless of the size of your feet. Therefore, you can guarantee that wearing the Danner Pronghorn will give the utmost comfort you deserve!

Of course, this pair of hunting boots is waterproof and breathable, too! This is due to its advanced Gore-Tex liner that can keep your feet fresh and dry all the time! Regardless of the extent of your hunt, this footwear will keep your feet guarded!

Its footbed has a sophisticated cushioning system. Specifically, the open-cell polyurethane Ortholite footbed of the Danner’s Pronghorn will prevent muscle ache and sores in the foot area!

Moreover, its traction is truly excellent, regardless of the terrain. The outsole uses the patented Danner Pronghorn lug design to ensure that it can have a good bite on the ground!

When it comes to insulation, this footwear is better than the standard 1000 gram hunting boots! After all, the Danner Pronghorn is a pair of all-weather gear! However, this footwear does not possess the adaptive feature found in other Danner Camo hunting boots.

10. Rocky bearclaw 3d boots

best hunting boots-rocky-bearclaw-3d-bootsThe Rocky Men’s Bearclaw 3D LTT Hunting Boot is one unique footwear. We can easily compare it to most of the tactical boots because of its rugged design. It can efficiently absorb shock and resist elements like water and snow. It is almost comparable to the Rocky Arctic Bearclaw waterproof hunting boots when it comes to weatherproofing!

Specifically, this pair of hunting boots is made from a sturdy nylon and full-grain leather. This construction makes this product scratch-free. Some hunters even told that this footwear could fend off snake attacks! Moreover, it also uses a Goodyear welt and storm welt construction for added durability. Its robust platform enables an uninterrupted performance, despite extended hours of use!

If you are looking for the best snow hunting boots or the best mountain hunting boots, then you should choose the Bearclaw. It has 200 grams of 3M Thinsulate Insulation to ensure that your feet will be warm and dry even in high altitude conditions. Of course, we all know that winter hunts can give us the overwhelming sensation. Therefore, make sure that you have the right gears with you!

On the other hand, the Bearclaw has a user-friendly ergonomics. Its lacing system uses a lace-to-toe pattern, hooks, and D-rings to ensure a maximum fit! This feature makes it an ideal pair of large size hunting boots!

Your comfort is also guaranteed when you are wearing this pair of Rocky hunting boots! Thanks to its Air-Port footbed, you can walk far distances without feeling any strains and aches! Its outsole has a self-cleaning design for an unparalleled traction and comfort!

Things to Consider Before Buying Hunting Boots


For many hunters, insulation is the most important factor in choosing a hunting boot. This component is essential for your comfort. Specifically, it lets you adapt to the different conditions of your external environment. For example, duck hunting will require you to have a pair of duck hunting boots. Usually, this kind of footwear has a lot of insulation, which is essential for areas that are close to freezing temperature (ducks love these places).

However, if you are constantly walking and running, you may need a boot with less insulation. Of course, the rigorous activity will cause a lot of blood pumping. This action will result in heat generation. If you are wearing a footwear that has thick insulation, such will cause discomfort and problem.

Here are the insulation ratings of hunting boots:

  • 0 to 200 grams – Boots that have this rating work best on high-level activities and early season hunts.
  • 400 grams to 800 grams – This category is the most popular among hunters. This level of insulation can cover almost any hunting situations. However, they work best on the fall season.
  • 1000 grams and beyond – You will need this if you love hunting on high altitudes and winter season. They can also serve you in sedentary activities.

Not all hunts will require you traverse puddles and other bodies of water. However, waterproofing is not only limited to that. A hunting boot with enough waterproof features can even prevent moisture from forming in your feet. This moisture is one of the top causes of bad odors, especially during long hunts!

Hunting will consistently subject you to moisture. This is regardless of the type of terrain, weather, and hunt you are doing. For example, if you hunt in the morning, you can expect that the dew will try to catch you! A swampy foot is synonymous to bad hunting experience! Therefore, you need a pair of hunting boots that could save you from such predicament.

Typical hunting boots have a waterproof membrane installed on their linings. However, if you want a top class waterproofing, you should choose a footwear with Gore-Tex. In the hunting boot industry, Gore-Tex is the premium type of waterproofing. It is highly breathable and enables the escape of moisture inside the boot. Aside from that, it gives the footwear additional flexibility as well!

Wolverine Gore-Tex hunting boots is among the highly-rated waterproof footwear today. Of course, brands like Irish Setter and MuckBoots use them too!


The type of construction material used in a pair of hunting boots indicates its usage. Here are some of the most common hunting boot materials:

  • Neoprene – This material is a type of a specialized membrane. Specifically, it is a thin foam that serves as an insulator. It can effectively prevent heat and water from forming on your feet. However, it is not a breathable material. Therefore, it is ideal for cold weather hunts, in where breathability may not come as a priority.
  • Leather – The leather is the pioneering material used in many hunting boots. They are durable and can provide enough protection to your feet. Those brands that are using full-grain leather and sturdy welt construction are more sturdy than their competitors. Brands like Danner have a leather construction that can guard your feet from snake bites! They are best used in dry seasons because of their breath-ability.However, you should always be careful about their waterproofing! Sometimes, this factor is compromised for some leather-type hunting boots.
  • Rubber – If your favorite terrains have bodies of water, then you should choose a pair of hunting rubber boots. Because of its nature, rubber is 100 percent waterproof. It does not require any Gore-Tex lining for it to repel water. Moreover, rubber is the ideal construction for women’s hunting boots. This is because of the additional weight and support that it provides. Rubber may be heavier and less flexible than other materials, but still, its performance is still necessary!

There are three categories in where you can fit a hunting boot. These are upland, multi-purpose, and high country boots.

  • Upland Hunting Boots – This type of boots is usually lightweight. They are ideal for long walks because they are comfortable and flexible. Upland boots have a lightweight lug design, which makes it ideal for bird hunters. The usual terrain for bird hunting is on uplands. Therefore, you may not need a heavily lugged outsole for traction.
  • Multi-Purpose Hunting Boots – Most of the hunting boots that we listed here fall into this category. Moreover, multi-purpose hunting boots are pretty versatile. They can work on big games or upland hunts. Some can even be used in any hunting activities.One of the most apparent traits of these boots is their durability. They won’t wear out even in extended usage. Aside from that, their traction is among the best in the market today. Insulations are also available for multi-purpose hunting boots. Therefore, the possible combinations within this spectrum are virtually unlimited. Most of the best hunting boots belong to this category.
  • High Country Boots – For those that are into big games, such as elk or deer hunting, a pair of high-country boots is necessary. We all know how arduous these activities are. Most of the time, they are the cause of twisted ankles and muscle sprains in the leg portion.High country boots are designed to tackle these conditions. They have the ability to deal with high elevation hunts while preserving the comfort of your feet. They are more durable than multi-purpose boots, too!

The fit of your footwear is important. They can determine the level of comfort and performance you can get from your hunting boots. For people with large feet, they may consider using hunting boots, size 16 inches. Moreover, youth rubber hunting boots have a separate sizing compared to the standard ones.

At this moment, it is necessary to check the sizing chart of your selected brand. However, do not assume that the sizing is uniform for all hunting boots. This is the trickiest part of choosing that you have to master!


The best hunting boots are essential for every hunter and hobbyist. After all, hunting is an arduous sport. It requires a lot of body movement. Most of the time, your feet catch all of your load and force. Therefore, you should give it the necessary protection and comfort.

Moreover, we know that there are a lot of choices when it comes to this footwear. Before you browse in the market, you should consider our listed products first. These hunting boots were scrutinized and tested by expert hunters to ensure their quality. Of course, we also tried them on the field to test their performance. The fact that they are here is proof that they satisfied us. and, impressed us fully!

Also, we are hoping that our little guide will help you in choosing. With the hundreds of brands out there, choosing the right hunting boots for you could be a challenge. This should help you make the best hunting boots that suit you.

Did we miss something? Do you have any comments, questions or suggestions?

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